About Us

Finding the ideal cosmetic items is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The beauty industry constantly changes, with new products and trends appearing daily. Finding cosmetics that not only look nice but also suit their skin tone and type is a regular dilemma for many people.

Individuals frequently have trouble choosing cosmetics that complements their skin type and tone, which results in them wasting money on useless items. This can be incredibly challenging for those with unique skin tones, as many makeup products are only available in limited shades.

Many people choose artificial beauty products that contain harmful chemicals, which can negatively affect the user and the environment. For example, some of these chemicals can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, or other health problems. In addition, when these products are washed off, they can pollute water sources and harm wildlife.

Our Solution

CharmScan is a mobile app that uses AI technology and AR-based features to analyze users’ skin and provide personalized makeup product recommendations based on skin type, tone, and undertones. The app allows to virtually try on different makeup products and shades on their skin before purchasing. CharmScan also offers step-by-step tutorials, a virtual makeup bag, an option to purchase makeup products, community features, and more, making it a comprehensive and convenient solution for all makeup needs.

Our Mission at CharmScan is to empower makeup lovers by utilizing cutting-edge AI and AR technologies to deliver customized and accurate makeup recommendations.

What makes us unique

CharmScan provides a comprehensive and personalized user experience, differentiating it from traditional in-store shopping experiences. We have several competitive advantages, including personalized suggestions based on skin type and tone, skin health analysis, comparing products from multiple brands, convenience, expert recommendations, and users’ personal data privacy. With growing consumer awareness about the environmental impact of beauty products, we also offer eco-friendly cosmetics. Such features enhance the user’s beauty routine and add value beyond makeup suggestions.